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  • Ready To Go

    Date: 2011.03.16 | Category: Jessica East, photo, résumé, video | Response: 0

    Dear Future Employers,

    I, Jessica East, am ready for an internship position and I would love to work for any business media company. I feel an internship would be the perfect opportunity for me to use and improve on the skills I have learned in my four years at Kent State University and in the field. I am an electronic media production student in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Upon completion of this internship, I will receive a B.S. in Journalism and a B.A. in Sociology.

    One thing that comes with experience as a multimedia student is how to create professional quality work on a shoestring budget. I feel my experience in video production could be used to improve the quality and appeal of the videos on your website without increasing the costs of production.

    I have spent ample time working in video, photo studios and in the field with various types of equipment. The focus of my training is in HD video production, but I have also completed coursework and freelance projects in photography, audio sweetening, website development and monetization, and nearly every area of multimedia.

    For the past two semesters I have worked in the Student Multimedia Studio, which is located in the KSU library. At the SMS I assist students and faculty with a multitude of multimedia projects. Every multimedia project assigned at the university, and every program used is supported by the SMS. Some of these programs include Adobe Creative Suites 5, FinalCut Studio Pro, Audacity and Microsoft Office.

    For nearly two years I have worked as the manager of the Equipment Services Lab. The ESL serves as the equipment checkout center for the entire KSU School of Journalism, including all the student media outlets. Here, I maintain a variety of video, photography, lighting and audio gear, as well as provide instruction to students on how to use the gear and software that accompanies it.

    Please feel free to look around this website and comment on my work. I hope to hear from you soon,

    Jessica N East

  • About Jessica East

    Date: 2010.11.03 | Category: design, Jessica East, photo, résumé, video | Response: 0

    Jessica N. East is currently a dual-degree student at Kent State University mastering in Electronic Media Production and Sociology. Jessica has completed the majority of coursework in both majors and will graduate in May 2010. Jessica East has worked as a volunteer and freelance photographer, graphic designer, videographer and editor for non-profits and corporations. Most recently, Jessica completed “A Forever Home” for Caroline’s Kids animal sanctuary, and three commercials for the Alpha Micron company. Someday Jessica East hopes to converge both academic interests (sociology and electronic media) to produce television documentaries. She has always had an interest public broadcasting, and has recognized that the type of documentaries of interest work well in the public broadcasting medium.